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was this movie even real

it was the realest shit ever. 

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btw my boyfriend, who is black, is being accused by his coworkers and manager about being involved in the lootings and everything else happening in ferguson strictly because he is black. we only live not even 20 minutes away but the black community surrounding ferguson is also being accused and interrogated literally just because they are black. racism is still here. this will not be on the news or on the internet. keep spreading the word.


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i haven’t seen anyone post about this yet but there are currently police blocking the highways around ferguson. a lot of people, like myself when i lived there last year, lived in missouri but worked in illinois. people are being stopped and interrogated as to why they are getting on the highway. same goes for trying to get into the city. tons of people are being stopped just for trying to come home after work. these people are doing nothing wrong and are being treated as if they are criminals. the news over here is only showing the looting and violent acts. ferguson is not a normally violent community coming from someone who actually used to live there.